Illinois REALTORS® and Real Estate Educational Foundation (REEF)
Diversity / Inclusion Grant Program

The Diversity and Inclusion Grant Program is designed to help both brokerages and their brokers, leasing agents and office staff.

These two unique, virtual educational programs can be tailored to the specific needs of the office or company.

Inclusionary Business Practices and Diversifying Your Brokerage – For the Owner/Management Training

Brokerage firms in Illinois today are rightly concerned with ensuring they are inclusionary and representative of the diverse communities they work in. Focusing on inclusionary business practices and combating unconscious bias are goals that fit easily within REALTORS’® foundational principles of equality and fairness. To that end, this new training program is designed to enable firms to lead on these important issues.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Combating Unconscious Bias Training – For Brokers, Leasing Agents, and Office Staff

This customizable, virtual training is designed for your office to learn how to make difficult conversations more comfortable, to work effectively with and within today’s increasingly diverse pool of home buyers and understand unconscious biases.

Illinois REALTORS® and REEF’s Partnership

These customizable training programs brought to you in partnership with the Illinois REALTORS® and the Illinois Real Estate Educational Foundation (REEF).

Illinois REALTORS® and REEF have access to a list of recommended diversity and inclusion trainers across the country. This initiative will provide firms and offices a grant of up to $1,000 to retain one of these trainers to develop and present a virtual program tailored to your specific office or company. These highly trained and experienced speakers will be able to help firms understand sensitive topics and develop methods to confront unknown biases and implement business practices that generate more diversity.

Eligibility: The submitting organization must be an Illinois REALTOR® member firm and actively licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

This customizable training program brought to you in partnership with the Illinois REALTORS® and the Illinois Real Estate Educational Foundation (REEF).

Amount: up to $1,000 / Application Deadline: