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These scholarships are intended to help qualified students pursue an education, which will lead them into productive careers in the real estate industry. It is the Foundation’s hope that each recipient will, during his or her career, contribute to the Foundation in support of the scholarship they received. The resulting growth of the fund will ensure other qualified individuals a similar opportunity to pursue a vocation in the real estate industry.

What is required?

Each REEF Scholarship has its own criteria for eligibility. Most of the scholarships require the applicant to be a United States citizen and a resident of the State of Illinois attending school full-time while pursuing a degree with an emphasis in real estate. The Rich Port and Roxane Malo Scholarships are offered to those who have been licensed real estate agents in Illinois for a minimum of one year.

How do I apply?

Applications can be downloaded here. Completed Applications should be sent to the Illinois Real Estate Educational Foundation.

Scholarship Funds:

  • Academic Scholarship – These scholarships (for any accredited college or university in Illinois) will assist and encourage qualified students to further their interest in selecting real estate as a career.
  • AIREE Grant Fund – The AIREE Grant Fund was established to further the education of real estate professionals in the field of real estate education. This fund was established by the Association of Illinois Real Estate Educators (AIREE) and is administered by the Illinois Real Estate Educational Foundation (REEF).
  • Dan Bock Scholarship – The Dan Bock Memorial Fund was established to award scholarships to attend the Grad course through the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) of Illinois.
  • Robert E. Cook Scholarship – In honor of Robert Cook’s history of leadership with the Illinois REALTORS®, this scholarship was established for individuals pursuing a course of study relating to the field of association management.
  • Morgan L. Fitch Scholarship – The family of Morgan L. Fitch, through a contribution to the Foundation in 1981, established a scholarship fund in perpetuity for students attending the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, in the College of Commerce and Business Administration or the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, as a tribute to the memory of one of the nation’s most prominent real estate industry leaders.
  • James M. Kinney Scholarship – In recognition of the contributions made by James M. Kinney to the real estate industry, the Foundation created a scholarship fund to make it possible for the children and grandchildren of REALTORS®, REALTOR® Associates, members-in-good-standing of the Illinois REALTORS®, or any child or grandchild of an employee of a local, state or national association of REALTORS® in Illinois, to pursue an education which will lead them into productive careers in any chosen area.
  • Roxane Malo Leadership Scholarship – The Roxane Malo Leadership Scholarship Fund was established as a tribute to Malo’s personal commitment to REALTOR® leadership. Each year the fund will award one or more scholarships to selected individual(s) for the continuation and expansion of their leadership skills in a real estate related field.
  • Illinois Education and Training Grant – The Illinois Education and Training Grant is a scholarship for eligible individuals who are pursuing a real estate degree or license in the state of Illinois. The grant may be used toward an Illinois REALTORS® 75-hour pre-license topics course (Home Study, eStudy or classroom) or an Illinois REALTORS® 90-hour pre-license package.
  • Illinois Minority Real Estate Scholarship Program – The Foundation is under contract with the State of Illinois to administer the Illinois Minority Real Estate Scholarship Program. This program is open to qualified racial minority residents of Illinois pursuing courses of study that will prepare them for careers relating to real estate or enhance the skills and knowledge that they currently use as real estate professionals.
  • Past Presidents Scholarship – For Illinois residents who are members of the Illinois REALTORS® to pursue their CRB (Certified Residential Broker), CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist), CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member), or RCE (REALTOR® Association Certified Executive) designation.
  • Patt Scholarship Fund
  • Rich Port Scholarship – As a tribute to Mr. Port’s personal commitment to education and as a means of improving the professionalism of the real estate industry, the Rich Port Scholarship Fund was established to help licensed real estate agents in Illinois complete the Undergrad courses through the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) of Illinois.
  • Ralph Pritchard Scholarship – The Ralph Pritchard Fund was established to advance the knowledge of owners and managers in the real estate industry. The fund sponsors a biannual conference in the area of real estate industry trends, legal and regulatory issues and new technology in order to promote the best practices in the field of real estate management.
  • Thomas F. Seay Scholarship – Thomas F. Seay believed in the power of the mind. This scholarship (for any accredited college or university in the United States) was developed to enhance the minds of qualified candidates pursuing a career in real estate through education.
  • Richard “Dick” Wiegers Scholarship – The Dick Wiegers Scholarship Fund was created to make it possible for Illinois residents to pursue a college or university education in the field of Business, Law, Finance, or a graduate program in Business.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the Foundation at (866) 854-7333, or via e-mail